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  To enlarge the service and influence of the Chinese scientific Papers to theresearchers and other users of the English.1anguage world and promote theinternational exchange between Chinese and foreign scientists,the English-language Proceedings(the Proceedings of the China Association for Science and Technology)has been inaugurated in series since 2004.Collected in this volume are 8 1 English Papers selected from the 11th Annual Conference of the China Association for Science and Technology held in Chongqing,China,September 7-10,2009,and theChinese joumals which are sponsored by the 170 member societies(their names arelisted in the back of this Proceedings)of the China Association for Science andTechnology.  The Annual Conference of the China Association for Science and Technologyhas entered its eleventh one since 1 999.It is gratifying that the eleven annualcon ferences have won the high recognition of the Chinese government and thescholars from home and abroad.The Conferences provide a forum for the openexchange of information and ideas in the fields of science and technology.  The papers cover the following aspects:Agricultural Science,Chemistry andChemical Engineering,Biology,Environmental Science and Technology,Medicineand Pharmacology,Safety Science and Technology,Mechanics,Forestry,Traffic Engineering,Physics,and Miscellaneous.  It is sincerely hoped that,as a consequence of this conference,the academicex change between specialists and scholars would be continued and strengthened. In addition,we greatly appreciate the authors for providing the excellent papersde scribing their latest achievements in their researches.


  This monograph(the Proceedings of the China Association for Science and Technology,V01.6)collects 24 selected Paners presented at the 11th Annual Conference of China Association forScience and Technology,Chongqing,September 7-10,2009,and 57 selected papers published inChinese journals sponsored by the member societies of the China Association for Science and Technology.These papers cover the following aspects:Agricultural Science,Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Biology,Environmental Science and Technology,Medicine and Pharmacology,Safety Science and Technology,Mechanics,Forestry,Traffic Engineering,Physics,and Miscellaneous.Many novel research results on these fields achieved during the last few year sare mentioned in the Proceedings.


Selected Papers Presented at the 11 Annual Conference of the China Association for Science and Technology(September 7-10,2009,Chongqing,China)Study on Fire Temperature Field of Narrow CabinHeat Shock Protein 72 Associated with Alpha-fetoprotein in Human Hepatocellular CarcinomasStudy on Technique of Brewing"An pear"WineResearch on Classification of Pseudo.Cancer and CancerNew Development in Pseudo-Cancer ResearchDesign of Small Straw Roller Cutter MillFloristic Analysis on Seed Plant in the Fluctuating Band along Riversides of Three Gorges Reservoir AreaExperimental Study of Low Voltage Insulation Resistance with TemperatureFire Risk Assessment Software Development for Filling StationsNumerical Wind Tunnel Tests for Plate.cone Reticulated ShellRisk Valuation for Real Estate Projects Based on Fuzzy TheoryNon-metals Burning Characteristics and Evidences for FireReflection and Suggestion on Sprinkler System Built in Low-level Civil BuildingsAnalysis about the Viscoelastic Parameters to the Structure of Energy Dissipation EffectResearch on Landslide Predication through Analysis on Macro-Observation Phenomenon and Deformation TrendApplication Research of Green Maintenance of Revetment System in the Three Gorges Reservoir ShoreRisk Management Modes and Their Applications in the Construction Process of Large InfrastructuresNew Method of the Slope Stability Analysis Under EarthquakeFurther Studies on Callus Induction of Pha/aenops/sGene Design of Human Folficle-Stimulating Hormone and Expression in Eukaryotic CellsStatistical Analysis ofNational Electrical Fire in 2003-2007Study of PVC Wire Insulation Residues Characteristic in 4.5 Times Over-currentStudy on Idention Methods of Electrical Fire Debris by Physical or Chemical TestingAnalysis on Earth Fault and Propagation Characteristics of Electrical FirePart BSelected Papers from Chinese Journals Sponsored by the Member Societies of the China Association for Science and TechnologySection 1 Agricultural SciencePotassium Efficiency and Potassium Balance of the Rice-Rice Cropping System in Different Type of EcosystemRegionsDetection ofFusarium oxysporum fsp.cucumarinum by PCR-RFLP and Nested-PCRCrop Simulation System Based on Web Service and GISFeeding Habit and Economic Threshold of Locusta migratoria TibetensisTissue Culture of Immature Embryo and Parentage Identification of Hybrids from Crosses of C taliensMelchiorx C.sisensis“Fuding Dabaicha”Influences of Simulated Acid Rain on Seed Germination and Seedling Physiological Characteristics in DifferentColored Cotton VaTietiesStudy on Inactivation of Enzymes in Bitter Gourd(Momordica Charantia Lcby MicrowaveDevelopment of Commercialized Treatment on Garden Products after HarvestingSuperinfection of Wolbachia in Ostrhziafurnacalis(Guen6e)populations in BeijingSection 2 Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringAnalysis of Intrinsic Superconductive State and Calculation Method of Superconductive Critical TemperatureActivation Energy of Oxidation of a Co-base Superalloy at High TemperaturesProgress of Upgrading Biomass Pyrolysis oilStudy on Reaction Mechanism of Heptene and H2S on Acid Catalysts I Formation Mechanism of Mercaptans and ThioethersStudy on Reaction Mechanism of Heptene and H2S on Acid Catalysts II Formation Mechanism of Thiophenic CompoundsGas-phase Passivation of Presulfided Hydrogenation CatalystsStudy on Electroless Ni Plating of Polyurethane FoamStudy on Interaction between Cerium and Tin in SteelInfluence of Si02 and FeO Contents in Charge on Sinter StrengthSection 3 BiologyEffects of Tubeimoside 1 on Apoptosis of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells and Tumor-Induced AngiogenesisEffect of Cultural Condition on the Capability of Complex Microbial System to Degrade Cellulose and LindaneUse of DNA Barcoding to Assess the Taxonomy Status of a New Wild SilkwormEffects of Different Kinds of Fertilization Modes on Yield,Nitrate Content of Vegetable and Nitrogen and Phosphorus Losses in Vegetable FieldIndentificantion and Characterization of an Antagonistic Strain L 1 Against Phyricularia GriseaDNA Extraction from snlvin and Optimization of RAPD Reaction ConditionsIntemalization ofLactobacilus into Mice Intestine Peyers Patches and Its Effect FactorsActivity Screening of Thiazolidine 4carboxylic Acid Ethyl Ester by Cell Membrane ChromatographyQuantitative Classification and Ordination of Forest Communities in Three Gorges Reservoir AreaSection 4 Environmental Science and TechnologyHeavy Metal Content and Ecological Risk Waming Assessment of the Vegetable Land-Soil near theTailings-Areas of Mobrbdenum oreAnalysis over the Mercury Content and Safety Evaluation of Wild Growing Mushrooms in Xichang District,Sichuan,ChinaDetermination of Trace Copper in Seawater by Flow Injection Catalytic Spectro photometryPotential Ecological Risk Evaluation of Heavy Metals in the Intertidal Zone Sediments of Tanggu,TianjinECO-tourism Value nf Mountain FlowersSection 5 Medicine and PharmacologyResearch on Trehalose Eye Drops Containing Sodium HyaluronateProgress on Biochemical Drugs in China during 2007Purification and Composition Analysis of Polysaccharide RCPS from Rhodiola CrenulataSection 6 Safety Science and TechnologyResearch on GIS 3D Spatial Data Integration and Its VisualizationOverview on Decision-making Research in Safety Investment based on Real option-gamesInfluence of Explosive Enlargement and Explosive Lining on Moisture Content of SoilResearch on Motivation Strategies for the Inherent Power of Safety Management in Small and Medium PrivateEnterprisesSection 7 MechanicsResearch on the Motion Trace of In-Pipe Inspection Robot through ElbowRoadheader Loading Simulation for Hard-rock CuttingFailure Diagnosis for Coal Transport System of Continuous Miner Base on Neural Network Improved GA and PSO Algorithm……Section 8 ForestrySection 9 Traffic EngineeringSection 10 PhysicsSection 11 MiscellanceousAuthor IndexSubject IndexThe List of Member Societies of the China Association for Science and Technology(CAST)


  Stream conductor insulator will be aging of difierent degrees after running for some time,since it can beaffected by the surroundings.This situation is much common in the old streets ofthe towns and the old companies.In recent years,the number offire caused by mat is increasing.  In recent years,researches on stream conductor insulator are more and more popular at home and abroad.Their results are continuously applied in the production of electric wires and in the process of using electric wires.Now,foreign research institutions invented a new way to test insulation,which named restored voltage method,aiming at the defects of testing inconvenience,inaccuracy and bad effects from electromagnetic field.In China,SU Zhanpai and LI Changming from cable material research center in Harbin University of Science andTechnology studied the effects of producing heat on the extrusion swelling ratio and the effects of the ratio on tileinsulation.focusing on the extrusion swelling.What’s more,they discovered several ways of reducing the extrusion swelling ratio to improve the capability of insulation of wires and cables.




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